Swept Path Analysis and Vehicle Turning Simulation Software

Autopath is a professional software solution for vehicle swept path analysis used by civil engineers, transportation professionals, architects and urban planners.

Autopath is most commonly used to analyze vehicle maneuvers on roads, intersections, roundabouts, parking lots, construction sites, airports, loading bays and more. Autopath PRO is not limited to the libraries of vehicles included with the program, you can use the software to define specialized vehicles, like cranes, telescopic trailers and more. Autopath is available as PRO and as LT (lite) version! 

Supports BricsCAD Pro

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Autopath features several interactive methods of swept paths analysis based on vehicle speed, road superelevation, lateral friction, and turn radius algorithms while supporting analysis simulations for multiple vehicles on the same path.

Autopath adaptive horizontal and vertical vehicle swept path analysis can be linked to the road centerline, road edge, road curb or any other user defined line, polyline, or alignment. Desired offsets can be set for the front, or the back vehicle axle. The swept path analysis will dynamically update whenever the vehicle path is changed.

EasyDrive analysis method features interactive forward and reverse vehicle turn prediction with optional “full lock on stop” capability for difficult maneuvers. You also have the flexibility to work with previously created analyses, either through editing the existing analysis, or by continuing on and adding to it.

Horizontal and vertical swept path simulations enable users to check vehicle side and vertical (overhead and underside) clearances. Vehicle steering parameters, radius value and slope values for vertical simulations are presented at all stages of the simulation and provide all the data needed for vehicle & analysis inspection.

Various display options for any single swept path simulation give unlimited possibilities to generate visually appealing simulations:

  • Wheel trails
  • Vehicle axis center point
  • Vehicle outer edge
  • Layer options
  • Line type and hatch options
  • Color display

In order to achieve maximum visual representation, especially at the critical sections, the speed of the simulation can also be controlled.

Autopath provides a range of swept path analysis reports:

  • Horizontal and vertical vehicle contour and parameters display,
  • Dynamic steering wheel parameters diagram.
  • Vehicle collision detection for side objects, overhead and underside objects.
  • A Swept path width labelling option for the inspection of maximum width values at any point along the curve.

Autopath includes a list of predefined country specific vehicle design libraries: AASHTO

USA / CANADA / INDIA AASHTO 2014 (Imperial / Metric), AASHTO 2011 (Imperial / Metric)
EUROPE United Kingdom
Germany (Deurschland 2005)
Austria (Österreich)
Sweden (Sverige 2005)
Norwegian (Norge 2007)
Poland (Polska 2016)
Hungary (Magyarország 2005)
Czech Republic (Česko 2005)
Croatia (Hrvatska 2001)
Serbia (Serbia 2012)
Slovenia (Slovenija 2006)
Romania (Romania 1985)
Turkey (Türkiye)
AUSTRALIA Australia 1993, Australia 2013
NEW ZEALAND New Zealand 2007
AFRICA South Africa (South Africa 1988)


With the custom vehicle design option, users can extend existing vehicle libraries, or create completely new county specific libraries of vehicles that are otherwise not included in the software. Vehicle definition import/export tools are also included allowing new vehicles to be conveniently shared with the team.

Extended collection of vehicles

In latest version Autopath PRO gets extensive number of vehicle libraries and utility vehicle types added to the existing vehicle list, vehicle types ranging from agricultural vehicles, emergency vehicles, buses, trucks, trailers for wind turbine transport, cranes, forklifts and more.

AP Vehicle Crane


AIRCRAFT Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-400
BUS Ikarus, Kravtex, Man, Mercedes, Neoplan, Rába, Setra, Volvo
CRANE KATO CR-100, CR-250, MR-130, NK-300E-v, NK550vr
► we support vehicles with all wheels steering
CRANE LIEBHERR LTM1030-2.1, LTM1040-2.1, LTM1050-3.1, LTM1055-3.2, LTM1060-3.1, LTM1070-4.2, LTM1090-4.1, LTM1100-5.1, LTM1100-5.2, LTM 1350-6.1
► we support vehicles with all wheels steering
CRANE TEREX AC55-3, AC55-3, AC60-3, AC140, AC160-2, AC160-5, AC250-1
► we support vehicles with all wheels steering
CUSTOM Wind Transport, Heavy Load Vehicle, Long Cargo Vehicle
EMERGENCY EUROPE Mercedes Benz, Tatra, Man, Iveco
EMERGENCY AASHTO Fire Vehicle – Pumper, Fire Vehicle – Aerial Platform
GOLDHOFER Drop-Deck Semitrailler, Europe Flatbad, Flatbad with Pendular Axles
EMERGENCY SLO PV-1, PV-2, GV-1, GVV-1, GVV-2, GVC-16/15, GVC-16/25, GV-16/24, GVC-24/50, AC, GVGP-1, GVGP-2
TRUCK Mercedes Benz, Iveco, MAN
AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY Tractor John Deere 5603 4WD, Tractor Fendt 936 Vario, Tractor + Bailey Dumper DUMP10, Tractor + Bailey Grain Trailer TAG11, Tractor + Bailey Baby Trailer BR2.0, Tractor + Bailey Low Loader LOW 8/16
PICK UP TRUCK Ford Ranger, Toyota HiLux, Nissan Navara, Mercedes Benz X, Isuzu D-Max, Volkswagen Amarok, Mitsubishi L200, Ford F-150
SUV Audi Q8, BMW X7, Mercedes Benz GLS, Volkswagen Touareg, Volvo XC90, Land Rover Range Rover, Rolls Royce Cullinan


Autopath PRO enables you to create virtually any desired type of vehicle or plane with ease including its horizontal and vertical boundary contour. 

As part of customer service CGS Labs can design specific vehicles or plane types and specialized transportations per request.

Autopath PRO for aviation purposes

Autopath PRO includes a predefined aircraft vehicle library and options to customize or generate any new desired aircraft including its horizontal and vertical boundary contour.

Inspect new or existing airport layout design, gate location and remote stands design with any needed aircraft type swept path analysis. Check taxi way and taxi lane clearances or detect possible collisions with ground objects.

Custom vehicles

Autopath enables definition of a comprehensive set of vehicle parameters including: vehicle geometry, number of axles, vehicle track width, number of wheels per axle, wheel spacing, tire radius, tire width, steering options for each axle and others. Combined with various steering definition options like steering calculation, turning cycle parameter and turn time value definitions it gives user the ability to generate geometrically correct and realistic swept path analysis.

Specialized vehicles

Further options for horizontal and vertical vehicle contour design give users extended capabilities to define vehicles with high levels of details. Vehicle contour option supports adding load shapes to a vehicle for even greater swept path analysis capability. And horizontal and vertical simulations will include collision detection for any added loads.

This extensive customization options enable users to define highly complex specialized vehicles like: forklifts, cranes, telescopic trailers, log trailers, farm vehicles, multi trailer vehicles, articulated buses and other vehicles with multi axles and multiple steering wheel definitions.

Autopath PRO features functionality for importing raster and elevation data into a DWG drawing at a click of a mouse.

Simply select location, adjust zoom to the desired area to be imported, check whether you want to import Raster, Elevation data or both and select the appropriate country specific coordinate system*. Data is seamlessly inserted into your drawing.

Google Street View feature can be used to visually inspect roadside objects (underpasses, overpasses, side road buildings, signs, bridges, tunnels, portals etc.) in any desired swept path analysis position.

Together with Google Maps Import feature user can now precisely and much faster evaluate various swept path scenarios, taking into account real life situation by comparing the project against its surroundings photo imagery available in Google Street View.

Autopath users have access to “Getting Started” videos, along with other documentation to provide users with a comfortable online learning experience.

Users are also provided access to free online training courses, and regular webinar presentations. Users can directly access technical support through our web service, and have the option to post direct customer feedback.

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