BricsCAD BIM Training | BIM Training

BricsCAD BIM Software Training - From Modeling to Documentations

Basic BIM Training Details

1. Introduction about BIM & Basic Settings

2. BricsCAD Tools Training P1 – Create Toolbar

3. BricsCAD Tools Training P2 – Modify Toolbar

4. BricsCAD Tools Training P3 – Classify Toolbar

5. BricsCAD Tools Training P4 – Structure/View/Export Toolbars


Advance BIM Training

6 Modeling:
Import Files, Modify Drawing, Building Modeling (Open Xraf File, Manipulate, Rotate Face, Puss/Pull, Section, Shell, Split, Connect Nearest, Copy BIM Tools)
7 Components:
Insert Components from Library, Create Component (Window Creation), Create Curtain Panels, Create Curved Window
8. Adding Data:
Bimify Model, Configure Structure Tree, Save CST, Spatial Location Manager, Compositions & Material, BIM Properties (Cost, Company)
9 Drawing Documentation:
Create Project, Project Properties, Manage Project, Sheet Set Setup, Sheet Sets, Models, Display Different Sheets & etc
10 Collaboration:
Import & Export IFC File and IFC Setting, IFC Viewer
Level of Development (LOD), BIM Create Details, Propagate, Parametrize
12 Structural Modeling 1:
Creating Truss Part 1-Rectangular Grids, Box, Profile, Propagate with Explode, Divide, Mirror, Classify & etc
13 Structural Modeling 2:
Creating Truss Part 2 – L Connect, Structural Connect, Profile, Propagate, Classify, Create & Apply Details, Create Bolts & Plates & etc
14 Constraints & Parameters:
Details about Constraints and Parameters with Examples
15 Advanced Drawing Documentation:
Drawing Customization, Schedule Preparation, Layer Properties, Composition & Materials and Layout Settings
Advance BIM Training