CADPower is a time-saver productivity tool for .dwg CAD

What is CADPower?

CADPower is a pure-productivity tool for the .dwg CAD user. It provides you with over 400+ Lisp routines and tools that you always wanted but found missing. It is designed to super-charge and boost productivity for just any AutoCAD / BricsCAD user. CADPower is designed from user feedback and used today by over 2000+ organizations all over the world.

Why CADPower?

  • Increased operator efficiency
  • Significant reduction in operator errors
  • Commonly required CAD tasks automated
  • Wide range of functionality – from generic CAD operations to file management, OS interface etc.

CADPower V22 Software for AutoCAD / BricsCAD / ZWCAD / ARES Commander

AutoCAD 2022-2012 & BricsCAD V22-V18 compliant. Also runs on all vertical application add-ons built on them. Pull down, tool bar, ribbons, dialog box and command line interface. Compatible with all other third-party applications.

A beta version of CADPower is now available on the ZWCAD and ARES Commander platforms also!!

Latest news: CADPower for BricsCAD is now compatible with the latest V22 version of BricsCAD. You will need CADPower V 22.30 or later to run inside BricsCAD V22.

CADPower Downloads

Date of upload: 19-April-2022 for all versions of the 22.54 build

You will need CADPower V 22.30 or later to run it on BricsCAD V22.

CADPower functions includes

• Advanced Polyline Editing
• Draw, Build and Conversion Tools
• Text Processing
• Enhanced Selection Settings
• Inquiry & Statistics Tools
• Drawing Editing Tools
• Turn your DWG into a Database
• Extended Entity Data Tools
• Drawing Cleanup / QA Tools
• Import / Export Tools
• BOM/BOQ Tools
• Annotation Tools
• Powerful Blocks and Attribute Management
• Quick Abbreviated Commands
• Miscellaneous Tools
• Fully compatible for batch script processing

CADPower FREEWARE - AutoCAD to BricsCAD Migration Tools

The CADPower FREEWARE tools is a set of Migration Assistance Tools for AutoCAD users to migrate to BricsCAD easily.

Enables over a dozen familiar right-click context menu customization and provides equivalent Express tools functionality within BricsCAD.

CADPower Ribbon in AutoCAD

CADPower Ribbon in BricsCAD

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