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Create a Hole Table / Chart in AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD  (11-April-2021)

V2: Draw a polyline by joining points in a sorted order, now with SMARTSORT Option (2-January-2021)

Automated Multiple PDF Export in BricsCAD and AutoCAD (April 4, 2021)

Extract EXIF information from Image Files using CADPower (CP_READEXIF) (April 4, 2021)

Measure the Curved Distance Between Two Points along a Curve (16-December-2020)

CADPower Multiple Measure Command in BricsCAD and AutoCAD  (16-December-2020)

Reverse or Set the Clockwise / Counter-Clockwise Direction of a polyline: (2-December-2020)

Marking Construction Elevation Levels in BricsCAD / AutoCAD (8-November-2020)

Draw text along a curve, in AutoCAD and BricsCAD (4-October-2020)

BricsCAD+ via CADPower: How to Change Dimension Precision in BricsCAD from right-click menu (18-September-2020)

CADPower V21 – The 5-Minute Elevator Pitch (6-December-2020)

AutoCAD to BricsCAD Migration Tools in CADPower – 2 Minute Dash (6-December-2020)

Offset Multiple Polylines Inwards / Outwards (2-December-2020)

Mirror the arc segments of of a polyline in CADPower (2-December-2020)

CADPOWER: Working with rectangular panels: PLACE, EDIT & QUANTIFY in (Auto) and BricsCAD (17-July-2020)

Working With Excel in CADPower V21 (18-July-2020)

Polyline Optimization and Cleanup from VISI CAD data (16-July-2020)

Cutting Tool Path Optimizer – CADPower (June 25, 2020)

CADPower V21 Demo (Uploaded 07-July-2020)

Single pick delete of polyline vertices (CADPower)


Create Construction Grid (CADPower)

Creating sequential numbered text (CADPower)

Download, Install, Configure and License CADPower V20 on your computer – Instructions for BricsCAD

Creating Bill of Quantities / Materials using CADPower V20


Part Edit (Copy, Extract, Stretch, Mirror, Rotate & Reshape) Polylines (CADPower)


Single pick Insert Vertex Tool (CADPower)


Convert arced polylines to linear segment polylines (CADPower & GeoTools)

Draw a polyline by joining points in sorted order (CADPower & GeoTools)


How to search for GeoTools & CADPower commands when you don’t know where to find them (CADPower & GeoTools)


Delete a single segment from polyline in just one click (CADPower)


Polyline Segment labeling (CADPower & GeoTools)

How to install & configure GeoTools & CADPower V17 for BricsCAD (CADPower & GeoTools)


Exchange one text with another (CADPower)

The Polyline Vertex Labeling (Annotation) Tool in (CADPower & GeoTools)

Unclutter text objects (CADPower)

Quick Introduction to CADPower in BricsCAD V16 (CADPower)

Quick Introduction to CADPower in AutoCAD 2016 (CADPower)


Part Number / Names for BOQ (CADPower)

Enhanced version – Part Number / Names for BOQ (CADPower)


The CP_SHEETCUTTERARBITRARY command explained (CADPower)

The CP_NEWSTART command explained (CADPower)

The CP_BOM command (count blocks) explained (CADPower)


The CP_BOM command (attribute tabulate/extract) explained (CADPower)

Interactively Edit X & Y Scale Factors of a block (CADPower)

IMPEX video 1: Import Points from CSV into AutoCAD-BricsCAD (CADPower & GeoTools )


Interactively flip X & Y Scale factors of a block (CADPower & GeoTools)

IMPEX Video 2: Import points with multiple attributes (CADPower)

Tweak a polyline vertex (CADPower)

Insert and delete boundary points from a HATCH in BricsCAD (CADPower)

Compute detailed polyline statistics in AutoCAD-BricsCAD (CADPower & GeoTools)

The Bill of Materials / Quantity Take Off : Video 3, Count Attribute Values and Tabulate (CADPower)

The CP_PIECEMAKER command: Schedule your cuts efficiently (CADPower)


The Multiple Vertex Editor command for Polylines in AutoCAD, BricsCAD (CADPower)

CP_FLEXITILE : Place rectangular panels, tiles, sheets in AutoCAD, BricsCAD (CADPower)

CP_SHOWPATHS: Show systems & drawing support folder paths in AutoCAD, BricsCAD (CADPower)

CP_SPL2PL: Convert splines to polylines in AutoCAD and BricsCAD (CADPower & GeoTools)

CP_PLJOIN: Automated Join 2d Polylines in AutoCAD and BricsCAD (CADPower & GeoTools)

CP_PL23DFACE: Convert polylines to 3d faces in AutoCAD and BricsCAD (CADPower)

CP_CH2D3D: Convert 2D to 3D polylines (GeoTools/CADPower) (CADPower & GeoTools )

CP_CH3D2D: Convert 3D to 2D Polylines in flexible ways (CADPower & GeoTools)

CP_CREATECENTROID: Create centroid marks inside closed polygons (CADPower & GeoTools)

CP_CONNECTBLOCKS: Connect blocks based on attribute values (CADPower)

CP_MOD_SHBL: Blocks, Block-related, Globally Modify Block Properties (CADPower)

CP_BLKMAN: Blocks, Block Names Editor (CADPower)

CP_POLYGETZ: Acquire Neighboring polyline elevations (CADPower)

CP_BOM: Counting the visibility states of a dynamic block in CADPower (CADPower)

CP_PL_STAT: Detailed Polyline Statistics Now Shows Radius, Angle, Arc Direction in CADPower (

CADPower & GeoTools)

CP_DENSIFY / GT_DENSIFY: Add More vertices to polylines: (CADPower & GeoTools)

CP_REM_LINVERTS / GT_REM_LINVERTS: Weed (Remove) collinear vertices from polyline: (CADPower & GeoTools)


CP_VPBNDRYEXTRACT CP_VPBNDRYUPDATE: Extract & Update clipping boundary (CADPower)

CP_ANGLABEL: Label Polyline Angles (CADPower)


CP_PIECEMAKER: Cut a linear item into pieces, Schedule efficient cuts (CADPower)

CP_FLEXITILE / CP_SCLEDIT / CP_TILECOUNT: Quantity Takeoff Tools for AutoCAD & BricsCAD, (CADPower)

CP_TILEPLACE / CP_SCLEDIT / CP_TILECOUNT: Place, create, optimize and quantify concrete formwork (CADPower)

CP_LENTEXT / CP_AREATEXT: Create/Update length/area annotation (CADPower & GeoTools)

Count Scale Factors, Count Blocks, Count Linear Quantities, Different cost-quantity takeoff in CAD (CADPower)

CP_XTRACT: Extract from XREF and block objects (CADPower)

CP_IDXYZ: Annotation and label picked points in flexible ways ( CADPower & GeoTools)


CP_ATT2XD Convert Block Attributes to XDATA (Extended Entity Data) ( CADPower & GeoTools)


CP_REM_XD Extended Entity Data Removal tool (Extended Entity Data) ( CADPower & GeoTools)

CP_RENAMEAPP_XD, Rename XDATA application name attached to entities) ( CADPower & GeoTools)