Power Line Design Software

Electra is a powerful overhead power line CAD design software which combines design and documentation production workflows for electrical distribution design.

It provides sophisticated design and analyzing tools to optimize transmission network designs in plan and profile. Detailed and comprehensive documentation production is supported within Electra software solution.

ISOTECH Technologies LLC is the Sales, Support & Solutions Point for all of CGS Labs Products in the Middle East. You can contact us to know more about Electra. At ISOTECH, we have quality experience working with Transmission Tower Design Consultants clients of ours who use BricsCAD and/or AutoCAD.

Product Details

Electra support various digital terrain data from surveying instruments, Lidar technologies, photogrammetry and other data formats. Electra includes its own digital terrain creation tool to model 3D surfaces for generation of multiple plan and profile transmission lines design.

Electra includes build in cables library and load parameters which can be user defined and customized. Catenary calculations and sag-tension analysis tools enable users to design, edit and optimize transmission lines accordingly. Electra complies with EN 50423-3-21 and EN 50423-1 standards.

Prebuild load parameters and sag-tension values enable users to produce quick designs while editing and customizing options provide reliable customer related or country specific transmission line designs.

Existing infrastructure analysis tools provide designers comprehensive information related to existing infrastructure that new design is related to. Other transmission lines intersection heights, road, rail and other objects crossing information, projected objects from layout to profile information and more. Objects along transmission line data info and other information is available within Electra tools.

Span, sag and tension reports are included plus detailed plan and profile layout documentation with additional drafting, labeling and other possibilities are supported within the Electra solution.

Electra provides safety distances analysis between transmission lines and terrain, enables display of various sag calculations under different temperature conditions and tensile forces. It also supports visual safety distances checks between conductors.

Integration with Autodesk MAP 3D functionality is supported within Electra in order to manage existing and new infrastructure spatial data. Export of new transmission lines data to shp files, ASCII files or other database formats is also supported.

Electra provides all the drafting possibilities to deliver design data in various forms and plotting delivery requirements.

Electra is an integral part of the CGS solutions for infrastructure which effectively connects to road, rail, river channel design data for adequate intersections and conflicts analysis possibilities.

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