Get started with BricsCAD Shape - Joachim’s Journey - Part 3

Get started with BricsCAD Shape - Joachim’s Journey - Part 3

Welcome back, on our last stop I showed you how to download and install BricsCAD Shape. This week, let’s get started with BricsCAD Shape!

The first thing you’ll notice when you launch BricsCAD Shape, is the Welcome screen. The Welcome screen has 3 tabs: What’s New, Learn, and Get Started. I’ll introduce you to these tabs from the top-down.

Get Started

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The Get Started, BricsCAD Shape tab is just that! It’s where you launch into BricsCAD Shape to start your design. Here you can open previous drawings, create new ones and set your units in BricsCAD Shape.

Simply select one of the options:

  • Create - Create a new drawing
  • Open existing file - Open an existing drawing file
  • Open a recent file - Recently opened files will be displayed below
  • Units - Set your units with the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner.

You can only set the units in a new drawing. If you open an existing file the units of that file are used.

What’s New

Whatsnew e1565605180447

The What’s New tab offers important information about software fixes and improvements. If you find any issues with BricsCAD Shape, please send a Support Request. We really appreciate your efforts to help us improve our products! We couldn’t do it without you.


learn e1565605161381

The Learn tab is what you would expect from the title and more! It’s a great resource whether you’re completely new to BricsCAD Shape or a veteran CAD user trying to advance your skills. Here you’ll find 23, 1-minute tutorials to get you started with BricsCAD Shape. This means you can learn BricsCAD Shape in less than 25 minutes!

Where next?

I hope you enjoyed your first glimpse of BricsCAD Shape. There’s plenty more to come so please return for the next stop on my BricsCAD Shape Journey!

Download BricsCAD Shape Free

Watch the webinar “BricsCAD Shape in 10 minutes”

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Article originally published at Bricsys Blog.


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