BricsCAD Webinar Recordings

The Design-First Path to BIM

BricsCAD BIM enables you to start with your ideas and keep the design a priority. See how BricsCAD BIM enables BIM-ready modeling, from concept through deliverables, with zero lost effort.

BricsCAD vs OtherCAD: Network Licensing

Get started with BricsCAD today and take control of your software spend while enjoying a better CAD experience.

We’ll show you how to get maximum value for your software investment with BricsCAD network licensing.

Exploring BricsCAD Platinum

If BricsCAD Pro is a better AutoCAD, what is BricsCAD Platinum? See a demonstration of the BricsCAD Platinum story. 

You'll see how BricsCAD brings new levels of performance and innovation to the industry-standard .dwg format.

BricsCAD Migration: Leaving OtherCAD

Explore your path to BricsCAD migration: from installation, through training and customization. Learn how to make BricsCAD your own!

You will learn:

  • Key steps to a quick and successful BricsCAD adoption.
  • Leveraging the 'muscle-memory' compatibility of the BricsCAD user interface.
  • Best practices for migrating your existing customisation to BricsCAD.
  • Tips and tricks for deploying BricsCAD to multiple users.

Accelerating BIM Workflows with A.I. in BricsCAD BIM

See how BricsCAD BIM simplifies and facilitates the creation of high-fidelity building models, using the power of machine learning. It’s the only BIM workflow that respects your art.

Adding information to a BIM is hard. BricsCAD BIM makes it easy. Discover ways to leverage machine learning technology to build continuous and consistent Level of Development in your BIM.

Generative design with Grasshopper in BricsCAD BIM

Learn how the Grasshopper connection bridges the gap between algorithmic design and building information modeling in a real-time, bi-directional workflow.

Moving to 3D with BricsCAD Direct Modeling

Are you a 2D CAD user who is thinking of moving to 3D? See BricsCAD's intuitive direct modeling functionality for creating and editing 3D solids and surfaces.

Learn how you can use BricsCAD’s direct modeler that combines the power of parametrics with a simple, push/pull solid modeling workflow.

A.I. to speed-up your BIM workflows while you maintain full control

Join Bricsys at the world's largest virtual event for construction 'Festival of BIM & Digital Construction'.

Start modeling freely, without concern for classifications and families, A.I. can automate the rest.

BricsCAD: Seeing is Believing

Learn about the incredible, direct DWG compatibility between BricsCAD and the industry-standard CAD system. Discover tips and pointers to help you make the move to BricsCAD in less than an hour.

We will show you how BricsCAD does everything you do, every day, in a reliable and fast way. No re-learning needed. No re-programming involved. You can be familiar with BricsCAD in an hour, and proficient in a day.

Enscape for BricsCAD: Real-Time Rendering and VR

See a demonstration of the Enscape for BricsCAD integration to learn how to create interactive, photo-realistic renderings of your BIM models in real-time.

The Power of BricsCAD: Modern CAD Performance

Learn how a modern CAD platform can speed your workflows and help your team get their designs done, faster. Discover how A.I. and machine learning are changing the face of CAD.

Discover how A.I. and machine learning are changing the face of CAD and what BricsCAD offers in terms of A.I. tools to help you save time and money.

It's easy to replace your current CAD system with BricsCAD

Ready to replace your expensive DWG-based CAD tools with an affordable, modern and compatible solution? Catch the replay to see BricsCAD V20 run.

The team from Bricsys tells the BricsCAD story, including a live demonstration, in this fast-paced webinar. Learn why BricsCAD is the best CAD solution for DWG-based CAD users.