How to use BIMIFY in BricsCAD BIM

What if I told you that you could generate section and elevation views and add BIM data to a 3D model, all with a single click? Don’t believe me? Then try BIMIFY for yourself! What is BIMIFY? BIMIFY analyzes the model, automatically classifies building elements, assigns spatial locations, and creates new buildings, stories, and spaces.…

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New for BricsCAD V23 – The Modern Layout

Did you know BricsCAD V23 has a new set of workspaces? We call this the ‘Modern Layout.’ The Modern Layout has more workspaces and an optimized panel and Ribbon layout. But don’t panic; for those who love the way things were in BricsCAD V22 or want to stick to Toolbars, you still can. Here at…

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New for V23 – Sketch Based Features

BricsCAD V23 now allows you to create 3D models from 2D sketches and maintain their association. The feature is still in the beta stage, so we’re relying on your feedback to make sure it lives up to your expectations! What are Sketch Based Features? Sketch Based Features is a BricsCAD mode that automatically links 3D…

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New for V23 – Drawing Health

Slow, large and inaccurate drawings found their way to your computer? Then you need Drawing Health (DWGHEALTH). It reduces the drawing size, removes unused styles, entities and layers, and improves the overall drawing quality. What is Drawing Health? Drawing Health combines the functionality of multiple stand-alone BricsCAD commands: PURGE, AUDIT, SIMPLIFY, OVERKILL, BLOCKIFY, OPTIMIZE and…

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Quick Draw in BricsCAD BIM
How to use Quick Draw in BricsCAD® BIM

Have you ever opened up architectural CAD software and thought “Why does this have to be so hard? Can’t it be more like a video game?”, then you’re in luck! BricsCAD® offers a unique wall and floor tool: Quick Draw (BIMQUICKDRAW). What is Quick Draw? The BIMQUICKDRAW command allows you to quickly create and edit…

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