BricsCAD Pro

2D and 3D CAD to help you solve design problems faster

Price starting from AED 2708/year.
Perpetual and network licenses available.

Familiar and compatible CAD

BricsCAD is entirely based on the industry-standard DWG format, with full command, script, macro, and menu compatibility. BricsCAD feels like home!

“Adapting to BricsCAD was really easy. Within one week, we had made a full migration to BricsCAD: as if we had never changed our CAD platform at all.”

BricsCAD Lite is the Best AutoCAD LT 2022 Alternative

BricsCAD® Pro is highly compatible with AutoCAD® 2022

There’s no need to change your printers, templates, blocks or sheet set layouts to move to BricsCAD – they are fully compatible. Command names, aliases, and system variables are the same in BricsCAD and AutoCAD®. BricsCAD is based on native DWG for the highest compatibility with other CAD users across all industries.

  • Command compatible
  • Menu (.CUI, .CUIX) compatible
  • Macro/script compatible
  • Support file (.PC3, .LIN, .PAT, .DWT, .SSM) compatible
  • Based on 2018 DWG technology
BricsCAD Lite fully supports LISP, and is compatible with AutoCAD®’s AutoLISP format

AutoLISP and API support

BricsCAD fully supports LISP, slashing the time it takes to do repetitive drafting tasks. It’s compatible with AutoCAD® AutoLISP format, making it simple to re-use existing routines. It also features a powerful API, providing a platform for many industry-specific independent applications.

Why use Lisp?

Lisp routines are the easiest way to automate processes and workflows for bulk layer manipulations, changing entity properties, automate drawing and XREF relationships, standardize plotting and publishing workflows, etc.

Explore the BricsCAD open CAD platform

BricsCAD Pro is the heart of the open BricsCAD design platform. It’s runtime eXtension (BRX) API enables you to develop your own bespoke apps, offering developers a powerful base on which to build great industry-specific solutions.

Applications for BricsCAD

We offer 400 partner applications on the BricsCAD App Store, featuring specialized industry solutions across many disciplines, enabling you to get your work done easier, faster and more accurately.

Point Cloud Visualization

BricsCAD uses an improved data representation to speed up the performance of point cloud display, using half the disk space versus the point cloud source files. Point clouds in .ptx, .pts, .las and .rcp formats are pre-processed to our .vrm project file format in the background, on your machine. There is no productivity loss as you can continue working during the caching process.

Civil Engineering foundation

Civil design capabilities in the BricsCAD platform provide a solid basis for civil engineering, with a set of fundamental but powerful design tools and data connectivity for specialist app developers to create high value workflows for our customers.


Parametric Blocks: a dynamic approach to creating 2D or 3D Blocks

Parametric blocks automate repetitive tasks by allowing users to create one block instead of lots of similar, separate block definitions. You can create both 2D and 3D block definitions using the same set of tools and workflow that you are familiar with.


This unique tool automatically converts repetitive sets of 2D or 3D drawing geometry to block definitions, instantly ensuring cleaner, higher-performing and better organised drawings.

Optimize drawing quality

OPTIMIZE corrects your drawing issues by automatically finding and healing inconsistancies such as gaps and misalignments which may otherwise be difficult to see, improving drawing accuracy and giving you a cleaner, more efficient result.

Automatically align copied entities

COPYGUIDED automatically aligns copied entities to relevant geometry using automatically generated guide curves. You can explicitly select entities to use as guide curves or let BricsCAD determine them based on the drawing elements in your selection.

Autoconstrain 2D or 3D drawing elements

When creating parametric 2D or 3D drawing elements, BricsCAD enables you to intelligently and automatically apply parameters and constraints with just one click, applying geometric control quickly and easily for fast design changes and reuse.

The Quad: drawing, editing, and information near the cursor

BricsCAD’s unique Quad is a “head-up” command palette that predicts your command usage and offers one-click access to the command you’ll likely need next. Powered by machine learning, the Quad predicts the commands you will need, based on the unique way you use BricsCAD.

Design freedom

BricsCAD offers unique capabilities providing you with the freedom to work the way you want to. With flexible licensing, the ability to freely flow in and out of 2D and 3D workflows, and our adaptable approach to 3D modeling, you are empowered to choose the best approach for you.

Scaffco Scaffolding Construction Est“BricsCAD allows us to do not only 2D drawing, but also 3D modeling. It’s certainly one of the modeling software products that will play a role in expanding our business”


Powerful Variational 3D Modeling

Our unique approach to 3D design combines the best of unconstrained direct modeling and parametric design worlds.
You’re free to express your creativity at the early design stage through dynamic direct modelling, interactively manipulating solid and surface geometry as you move your mouse. As the design evolves, you can add more dimensional control, or even fully parameterise the design, automatically, and all without the complexity imposed by a history-based approach.

High performance CAD

CAD should feel smooth and seamless, no matter how many millions of lines are in the file.

“The pressure is on the whole time, and BricsCAD gives us the speed and reassurance that we need to be successful.“


2.8x faster

Running advanced LISP routine

Source: BricsCAD’s LISP kicks sand in the face of AutoCAD’s


2.7x faster

Opening 500+ dwg files

Multi-core CPU with BricsCAD

Take real advantage of multi-core CPU’s

BricsCAD supports multi-threaded, multi-processor operations to accelerate product performance for file loads, drawing generation and rendering.

High performance graphics engine

In each new version of BricsCAD, we strive to improve display performance. Enjoy smooth zoom and pan operations in drawings containing hundreds of thousands of entities. BricsCAD uses the Redway3D graphics system to deliver great display performance for 3D graphics.

PDF and Big TIFF underlays

We use a multi-resolution, persistent image cache to display PDF underlays, enabling super-fast zoom and pan operations. And BricsCAD’s raster engine delivers great pan and zoom performance, even with enormous 64-bit BigTIFF files.

Isotech Technologies The Leading Distributor of DWG CAD Software

As the leading BricsCAD distributor in the Middle East, Isotech Technologies provides cost-effective DWG viewer and convert PDF to DWG tools that are also a top alternative to ACAD.

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