CAD software with BIM capabilities

Access 3D building-modeling and BIM workflows in the same, familiar BricsCAD® environment without the disruption of learning a new system.

CAD software with BIM capabilities

A flexible platform for 2D, 3D designs, and BIM

BricsCAD BIM is built on the familiar BricsCAD system, so you can leverage the 2D drafting tools as you ease into 3D workflows at your own pace. Enjoy the flexibility to create simple 3D designs, import or produce BIM for collaborations, or model with accuracy for construction and fabrication.

A fresh look at BIM iconAI-driven
In BricsCAD BIM, design decisions come first, and machine learning algorithms automate the laborious tasks of manipulating BIM data, documentation, and levels of detail.
Design to bim icon2D & 3D

You can find a flexible, direct building-modeling tool and a professional CAD product in the same DWG platform. Design geometry can directly be converted to BIM elements.

transition from CAD to BIM iconCAD software

A safe path to BIM for CAD users without the disruption of learning a traditional BIM system. Spending less on software and training while avoiding performance dips during transition lowers the barriers to entry.


BIM to fabrication iconFor BIM

BricsCAD BIM leverages the power of solid CAD modeling that supports flexible design, BIM, and the accuracy needed by engineers and manufacturers, opening the possibility of linking BIM with fabrication workflows in the BricsCAD Ultimate package.

The BricsCAD® BIM workflow

Discover how BricsCAD BIM enables a streamlined workflow for design, construction, and fabrication in a single DWG environment.

Modeling freedom

Experience the freedom to model with a 3D workflow unrestricted by pre-defined parts or library components. Use intuitive push-pull direct modeling to sculpt your mass-model concept. Your model remains light and responsive because it’s not overloaded or over-constrained.

“If you’re an engineer who is used to working in 2D, it is much easier to start working in 3D with BricsCAD than with any other tool, because you can just follow the same intuitive pattern.”


visualisation logos - Enscape, Twinmotion, Lumion

Visualize your projects at every phase of the workflow with BricsCAD BIM. With a single click, you can start real-time rendering using Enscape, Twinmotion or Lumion and walk through your fully rendered model project.

Classify,  replicate, automate

Leverage the power of AI tools to automatically convert your concept study models to fully classified BIM models (LOD 200). Then, increase the LOD of your BIM continuously using the power of BricsCAD BIM’s AI-powered

Generate spectacular documentation

Create clear and accurate construction documentation in record time using the automatic generation of sections, elevations, drawing views, and sheet layouts. You can always customize them using the world’s best drafting and annotation tools. Change your BIM and all associated drawing views will be regenerated automatically to stay in total synch with the model.

Detailing and quantification

Increase your model’s LOD by adding information and duplicating it at any or all matching instances across your BIM automatically. With high accuracy and consistent Level of Detail across the entire BIM, exact quantity take-offs and bills of materials can be extracted, displayed, and exported.

Deliver custom designs for fabrication and manufacturing

The accuracy of BricsCAD BIM offers new horizons for engineers and manufacturers of building products. Custom components can be designed and shared as assemblies for use within the BIM or on the shop floor for fabrication.

Manufacturers of building components can create production-ready assemblies in BricsCAD® Mechanical, then share their designs as libraries of components for use with BricsCAD BIM.


Scan existing conditions to verify the accuracy of old survey drawings and start your renovation projects from an accurate, as-build model. Point clouds can help you check progress and quality during construction and make a permanent record of the completed building for future renovations.

In close collaboration with  

Scan to plan

Enjoy the efficiency of automation with BricsCAD BIM to detect floors and auto-generate 2D linework as a basis for a 2D building-plan layout. A 2D plan can easily be converted to 3D geometry without advanced modeling skills.

Scan to BIM

BricsCAD BIM is the best tool for modeling the existing conditions quickly and accurately. Industry-first performance, flexible modeling tools, and various automations support the efficient generation of smart BIM from scans.

IFC 4.0 and BCF

BricsCAD BIM’s underlying database is a direct, 1:1 mapping with the OpenBIM Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) 4.0 schema. We support open standards across the product, such as the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) for display and resolution of design issues.

Import directly from Trimble® SketchUp

When you import SKP files into BricsCAD Shape, they are automatically stitched into solids. BricsCAD Shape supports the latest versions of SKP files for import.

RVT import

Import geometry from RVT files as a reference or as native, editable solids directly into BricsCAD BIM, enabling easy collaboration with teams using Revit®.

RFA import

Super-charge your productivity by importing from the vast selection of families supplied by manufacturers, and import vital information along with accurate geometry natively in BricsCAD BIM.

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