BricsCAD Mechanical

Advanced mechanical design tools

Price starting from AED 3,800/year.
Perpetual and network licenses available.

Intelligent mechanical design

BricsCAD makes advanced mechanical design accessible, intelligent, flexible, and affordable, enabling greater design freedom.

“BricsCAD Mechanical has enabled our team to set even higher standards for structural and mechanical drawings”


3D parametrize and constraints

The PARAMETRIZE AI workflow turns parts into smart, parameter-driven components in seconds. Build constraint systems, drive parts formulaically, build table-driven components, and change component parameters in the BricsCAD Properties Panel.

Copy features

Model features once and use them many times with powerful tools that copy existing features in 3D solids such as holes, ribs, and pockets.

Flexible 3D modeling

Our unique 3D design approach combines dynamic and interactive direct modeling with the ability to add parameters only where needed and without the complexity of a history-based approach.

Hole feature library

BricsCAD contains a library of standard hole features – you can easily insert holes into your parts via drag and drop actions.

Design parts and components

With BricsCAD Mechanical, the design process is simple. Start your design with a 2D sketch, then extrude, revolve or sweep it to create a 3D solid. You can also use built-in 3D primitives to specify the initial shape of your part. Move on to the details using extrusions, fillets, chamfers, Boolean operations, and edit using dynamic direct modeling. You control as much or as little of the form as you like with parameters. You can also import 3D solids and edit them as native components.

Smart piping design

Create rigid pipework, then add parametric valves, flanges, and associated fastenings. All from a comprehensive library of items, which intelligently resize correctly via a one-click process.